Interview: Luiz Salles, father-in-law of Oliver Sykes – frontman of the band Bring Me The Horizon.

We talked with Luiz Salles about what it’s like to be a rockstar’s father-in-law.

On April 3rd, the first extra event of Lollapalooza 2019 took place. The Lolla Partie with Bring Me The Horizon and Fever 333, at Audio in São Paulo. Diário de Shows was present, and you can find the details at this post.

During the break between one band and another, Oliver Sykes’ father-in-law appeared on the mezzanine and was applauded. At this moment, I looked at my friend and said “what if we did an interview with him?”. She got excited as well, and here is the result of that.

Diário de Shows and I’m With The Rock Band talked to Luiz Salles, father of Alissa Salls and father-in-law of Oliver Sykes!

After all, I was curious about what changed in the life of a typical countryside Brazilian family after the model started dating an international singer. Today, Luiz also became a public figure because of his relationship with his son-in-law.

My first question was if he had any idea who his daughter’s boyfriend was, the size of his fame, and if he already knew Bring Me The Horizon’s music. According to him, it was a great and good surprise to know that his son-in-law was a rockstar, because he also likes rock!

“Even though I knew Alissa already lived in a very different world from the one we live here, due to her modeling career, we were still not used to this side of celebrities. I didn’t know the band at that time, but when I heard Can You Feel My Heart for the first time I said ‘that’s badass’, lol!!! Of course I quickly started to search for more, good as hell!”.

Oliver’s fame didn’t make much difference when it came to meeting his girlfriend’s family. “Do you know when you realize someone is just like us?! lol, I felt such a tranquility on him that even with the struggles with the language, we got along very well, and it was nice to see that they are a couple that complement each other, that was what got me the the most.”.

Although he had already empathized with his son-in-law, Luiz told us that he became very concerned, as a father, in the beginning of his daughter’s relationship with the singer. “Mainly because of relentless social networks. But I was always reassured by my daughter and son-in-law.”.

We know that Oliver often comes to Brazil to spend time with his girlfriend’s family. Many fans already found him walking around Paulista Avenue, or know his favorite vegetarian restaurant… which means, lots of harassment for sure! I questioned about the family routine when the singer is here, and Luiz told us that it is very quiet, out of the spotlight. “We live a simple life, really family like.”.

During the concert, Oliver expressed his appreciation for Alissa’s family, saying how much he loves them, and dedicated to his father-in-law the first BMTH’s song he listened, Can You Fell My Heart. So, I asked how is the relationship between them: “Our relationship is super cool, now that his Portuguese is better – because my English is terrible – we talk a lot about 90’s action films, B side movies, lol. We listen to many songs and he loves fried manioc – the mother-in-law is a really good cooker so… lol”.

I almost invited myself to a family lunch, because I also love fried manioc hahah Want to know the ending of this chat? Click on the I’m With The Rock Band link and see the questions my friend Petra Widmann asked to the most loved father-in-law of Brazilian emos!

Free translation: Petra Widmann.